If you require assistance, or are concerned with a planning case, contact us by e-mail at: or telephone 01872 480127

CPRE Cornwall monitor planning proposals and we offer help and support to members, non-members, campaigning groups, and other organisations who have specific planning issues in their area.

We try to engage with as many as we possibly can but we may not be able to make a detailed assessment in every case.

Our first priority is to protect the Cornish countryside. We challenge many planning applications that are damaging to the countryside, local communities or the environment. We aim to provide advice or help to anyone facing a local planning issue that is giving cause for concern.

The planning system is complex and people who are not familiar with it often find it difficult to know what points to raise when commenting on a planning application.

Your support as a member, a donor or a volunteer will help us to do this effectively. If you can help, please click on the appropriate link below.




Newbuild spread by Cornwall Council.

Field marked out for development by Cornwall Council.