Rame Head

Rame Head Appeal Dismissed. After being rejected by Cornwall Council in July 2021, the PA20/03747 Rame Head planning application for a single dwelling in an AONB was referred to the Planning Inspectorate. In his decision of 29 September 2022, Planning Inspector Benjamin Webb dismissed the appeal.

The Inspector’s reasoning focused on the following:

– unacceptable effect on the open landscape of the AONB and the ‘sense of remoteness and tranquility. This harm would not be ‘publicly beneficial.’

– failure to meet the criteria of Policy 23 which sets out that any proposals allowed within an AONB must conserve and enhance landscape character and natural beauty. Policy 7, which does allow for some development in the countryside, does not override or outweigh Policy 23.

Emphasis was also given to the proximity of Church of St Germanus at Rame and St Michael’s Chapel, and to the link between the two.


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