This story has hit the headlines and rightly so. Plans to massively urbanise around Bodmin have gone largely unopposed but the intention to consume the beautiful Halgavor Moor is a bridge too far…

The CPRE, Environmentalists, Bodmin Town Council, the local MP and the Residents are united in their opposition to this blatant destruction.

At this stage it is the intention of Cornwall Council to allocate Halgavor Moor for building. Developers can then submit Planning Applications for 770 houses on top of the 3,878 already proposed around Bodmin.  Such is the confidence of Cornwall Council that we understand they had already purchased some of the farmland for themselves before the public consultation had even started.

At an animated and emotional public meeting in Bodmin recently, attended by over 400 people, including the campaign coordinator Christine Howard, Cornwall Council Planners were left in no doubt about the strength of opposition to building on Halgavor Moor.  People departed however with the distinct impression they were simply not being listened to.

CPRE National Chief Executive, Crispin Truman, commented during a recent visit to Cornwall, “There is an absence of grass roots democracy in Planning which needs to be restored”.

The CPRE position on this is summed up in the formal notice of objection (see below) we submitted in the consultation process.  Local Chairman Richard Stubbs commented: “We are being asked to submit to an urban wasteland of unemployment and second homes. This will do nothing for Cornwall except pollute our rivers, increase CO2 emissions and destroy yet more of our natural world, the balance of which is so essential for our well-being.  For the sake of decency and common sense, now is the time for Cornwall Council to listen to the wishes of local people and environmentalists alike.  If not, we will fight this for the months and if necessary, years to come”

‘Wildlife habitat is in catastrophic decline’ –

Chris Packham, BBC Springwatch


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