Litter – ‘Stop the Drop’

stopthedropStop the Drop, CPRE’s national campaign against litter and fly-tipping was launched in April 2008 with intense media interest. CPRE Cornwall is keen to address the problems with litter and fly-tipping around the county.

Did you know?
In the UK an estimated 25 million tonnes of litter a year is dropped, this is almost entirely food and drink packaging and is as heavy as 62,500 jumbo jets. This is 5 times the amount dropped in the 1960s.

The Issues

  • Clearing litter is costing taxpayers a lot of money – some £ 500million annually nationally
  • It despoils our villages and countryside roads and lanes
  • 7 out of 10 items of litter are food-related (e.g. drinks cartons, fast-food packaging)
  • Nearly half the population admits to dropping litter (which is why we want to help develop positive habits amongst our school-children.

CPRE’s specially commissioned report Litterbugs: How to deal with the problem of littering gives more detailed information including the results of surveys into the problem.

What are we doing?
Recent and current activities, either in Cornwall or through CPRE nationally are:

  • Organise litter picks in the county and encourage you to join us – dates below
  • Developing positive habits that can last a lifetime – in conjunction with Wiltshire Wild Trust, CPRE developed an educational pack How to Run a Whole School Litter Campaign – download the toolkit
  • Developed a campaigners kit on ‘how to make a difference’ where you live; suggestions include adopt-a-road, a walk of shame, go plastic-bag free and poster power – download the campaign toolkit
  • Developed a parish litter toolkit which includes guidance on practical matters such as those just mentioned, but also others such as asking councils to use existing powers to issue fixed penalty notices – download the parish pack
  • Bag it – bin it. In autumn 2007, CPRE and Bill Bryson supported the Highways Agency in their campaign to fight the problem of roadside litter. Drivers are encouraged to pick up a litter bag for their rubbish, and dispose of it when they reach their destination.

What can you do?
Our next organised litter pick will take place to coincide with Clean Cornwall week 13 – 21 September – more information coming soon.