Carbis Bay G7 Summit

The Carbis Bay Debacle

There is currently an unauthorised development involving the felling of trees and building 15 meeting rooms at the Carbis Bay Hotel, prior to the G7 Summit

Cornwall watches in disbelief at the open defiance of the planning system by the Carbis Bay Hotel, in carving out a swathe of the Carbis Bay backdrop for an unlawful and yet more commercial development.  This is a site that was turned down in 2018 on environmental, visual and planning grounds and no doubt it is hoped this latest gung-ho development is being seen as an opportunity to use the G7 to get under the radar.

Whilst Cornwall Council seems paralysed, there are many who deeply resent the audacity of this swipe at the iconic beauty of Cornwall. 

Whilst some behind the scenes Government edict might have prompted this work as being necessary for the G7, with Cornwall MPs declaring the G7 should ‘deliver a positive legacy for Cornwall’. The local MP and County Councillor reassures us, they are ‘adamant that any work that needs to take place to accommodate the Summit must be able to be removed and the area returned to its former state, including nature recover’

Then they rather spoil it by saying, ‘Any plans for a more permanent development are down to the hotel owner and the planning process.’ How ominous this all sounds.

For those of us dedicated to protecting the landscapes and countryside of Cornwall, our biggest challenge will be when the Planners say “Well, it’s been ruined now, you may as well build on it”.  It is our duty and our job, to hold our politicians to their word that it should be reinstated and nature restored.