About us

Cornwall CPRE is an independent charity and our policies and objectives are all aimed at protecting rural Cornwall.  We are financially independent and separate from National CPRE, but we liaise and work with them on matters of common interest.  We share a CPRE logo but our policies and purposes may sometimes be different because we are focused on the often unique needs of rural Cornwall.  Our core mission is to care for and protect Cornwall’s countryside and rural way of life.  

If you require assistance with a planning case, you do not need to be a member because our first priority is to protect the Cornish countryside.  It is likely we will be able to provide help or advice. However, your support as a donor, member or as a volunteer will help us to do this more effectively. If you are able to help us with a donation, please use this link. https://www.cprecornwall.org/donation/


  1. Monitoring planning applications and opposing where necessary any that are damaging to our Cornish landscapes, rural way of life and wildlife
  2. To lobby Councillors, MPs and Ministers to pursue the development of environmentally sound legislation on planning, good agricultural practice and public transport
  3. To encourage the development of brown field sites, the re-occupation of empty and under-occupied second homes along with the building of affordable homes in locations where there is work, transport and community
  4. To actively oppose the indiscriminate building of roads and the increase in road traffic that it causes
  5. To support and encourage sustainable agriculture, food  production, fishing and other rural industries.
  6. To support and encourage sustainable and environmental initiatives like tree planting and conservation on land and coastal waters.
  7. To support and encourage tourism in Cornwall at levels consistent with the important infrastructure and environmental limitations imposed by Cornwall’s own very special nature. 

Contact details:-

Email: admin@cprecornwall.org

Telephone: 01872 480127