Covid – 19


Dear Members and Supporters

In these challenging times, I would like to pass on the best wishes of the Cornwall CPRE Branch to all of you. I know it is exceptionally difficult for everyone, with many of you directly affected by or supporting the effort to combat the virus. This is a tough time, we are continuing to operate and will come through it stronger.

In such a rapidly evolving situation your local CPRE team are working hard to deal with the changing situation, and on your behalf I would like to thank them for their continuing dedication to the Branch.

Although we will not be attending or holding any public events this year, we continue to receive messages of support from our membership and the public. I know from your correspondence that you are concerned regarding planning, that Officer-only assessment of planning applications are being introduced by Cornwall Council during the pandemic. This will cut out scrutiny of planning applications by committee and the opportunity for the public to take part.  Our fear is that applications may be hastily approved which fail to comply with the protection provided by the Cornwall Local Plan, including that for AONBs and AGLVs. If you have any concerns about such planning applications, please let us know.

Our top priority is to cope with this immediate planning risk. We are also working on harnessing a more enlightened attitude by the public to nature and the environment when this crisis is over.

An underlying problem also, is our need to ensure the financial security of Cornwall CPRE.  The Cornwall Branch is an independent charity and we receive no financial assistance or donations from National CPRE.  We believe the Cornwall Branch can ride out the storm but for the time being, we need to make a concerted effort to contain costs and conserve funds.

In case there is any misunderstanding, I should make it clear that the Branch does not have significant reserves that we can draw upon in the current circumstances. We trust that at this difficult time, our members will support us to ensure Cornwall CPRE has a future.   This will enable us to actively continue our work, to protect and speak up for the cause of rural Cornwall.

Please give us your financial support now, to help us emerge stronger from this crisis.  Thank you.