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CPRE’s Hedgerow petition handed in to Defra

17 October 2022

Staff and volunteers from national CPRE and local groups have handed in our hedgerow petition to Edward Barker, Defra’s Director of Natural Environment, Trees and Landscapes.

The petition, carrying the voices of almost 50,000 supporters, calls for the government to set a target to increase our hedgerow network by 40% by 2050, as recommended by the Climate Change Committee (CCC). The hand-in marks a key milestone for our #40by50 hedgerow campaign.

Hedgerows are life-giving wildlife corridors which connect habitats across the countryside, and are one of our best natural defenses against climate change. But, mismanagement, development and intensive agriculture have meant that we’ve lost around 50% of them since the Second World War.

We want to see more, bigger and thicker hedgerows restored across the country. Our petition calls for around 120,000 miles of new hedgerow to be planted by 2050, so that we can boost wildlife habitats and improve our resilience to climate change.

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