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This ancient stone bridge, situated between Camelford and Bodmin, was built about 1470 in its present form.  It was first used to get people, animals and the odd horse and cart, across the River Camel.  This appears to have worked very well until – you’ve guessed it, the arrival of the motor vehicle.  Having a double bend in it and being extremely narrow, it is a test of skill for even the most competent motorist.  Many of them fail and the poor old bridge is starting to get badly knocked about.  Things get worse of course when oversize vehicles approach it and then find there is nowhere to turn round.

Local residents are constantly called on to extricate damaged or jammed vehicles, administer cups of tea and call the rescue services.  The latest count is 136 accidents in the last two years.

CPRE Cornwall were asked for their ideas to make the access lane quieter and reduce the accidents at this rare and picturesque part of rural Cornwall.  We have produced a report with recommendations about how this might be done which appears in full on our website Particular emphasis has been placed on measures which restrict and inform approaching vehicles, in harmony with this historic and unspoilt piece of Cornish countryside.




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