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Changes Ahead – 2020 and beyond

The 2019 December General Election, Brexit, etc…

These mean changes for the countryside and in particular, the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will be replaced by UK legislation. As from March 2020, this will mirror the CAP but will then evolve and be subject to policy changes.  We have been advised the CAP system of subsidising farmers based on acreage (Hectares) will be phased over to a good environmental practice subsidy. We welcome this but as always the devil is in the detail, of which there will be a great deal.  The CPRE in Cornwall and also at a national level, are very aware of the need to be vigilant about these changes and to lobby government accordingly in the interests of rural life and the countryside.

Increased investment in the regions outside London may be a mixed blessing.  We believe the kind of industrialisation and growth desirable in other parts of the country, the Midlands and the North for example, could in fact be damaging for Cornwall. Adding even more to the existing housing sprawl and building major new roads could be seriously detrimental to our agricultural and tourist industries.


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