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Cornwall Spaceport

Today, Cornwall Council are voting on a planned allocation of £12M of Cornwall taxpayer’s money for the building of a Spaceport facility at Newquay Airport next year.  Using modified jumbo jets it would be used to launch satellites into orbit from 2021.

CPRE Cornwall believe in looking after our environment and the well being of rural Cornwall.  By any measure this ego driven vanity project is simply negative to the welfare of local people who always come second when business investment is involved.

No meaningful stats seem to be available regarding the amount of atmospheric pollution involved and that is probably because it is a very large amount.  Are Cornwall Council serious about pollution or is their position on climate change simply a PR smokescreen?

Surely it is time for us to decide what we want Cornwall to be. Are we so hell bent on making money that we are prepared to destroy the very thing that makes Cornwall what it is, such as sensational landscapes, a thriving agricultural industry, dramatic coasts and a haven for holiday visitors wanting to get away from the industrial rat race.

It’s time to put a value on what we already have.


CPRE Cornwall


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