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We challenge the figures as Cornwall Council’s Local Plan goes for approval

Cornwall Council’s ‘Local Plan: Strategic Policies’ document has now been passed to an appointed inspector and the public examination will start on Monday 18 May. We’ve been working hard to make sure that Cornwall’s countryside has a voice by responding to the threats posed by the inflated housing figures in the Council’s Local Plan.

The Council is calling for more than 47,000 homes to be built in Cornwall by 2030. If these numbers are accepted it means that we will have to find space for an additional 5.3 Truros!

Whist supporting the provision of new affordable and social housing to support genuine local need, CPRE Cornwall does not accept that this amount of housing – much of it for market priced housing – is necessary.

We made a submission to the examination that challenges the housing figures used by the Council, and commissioned work by an independent consultant to support our argument. Our research shows that in fact, 32,000 additional homes are needed in Cornwall to meet genuine need up to 2030. This is much less than figures put forward by the Council.

You can read our submission to the Local Exam here CPRE Cornwall Submission to Local PLan Exam 30 April 2015

We plan to carry on our efforts to protect Cornwall’s countryside and continue to challenge the housing projection figures put forward in the Local Plan. To do this we will be responding to the upcoming spatial allocations consultation and working to promote a ‘brownfield first’ approach to planning by the Council so that housing is directed to those areas first, protecting our green spaces. We are also working on developing a ‘toolkit’ that will equip you and others with the resources needed to respond robustly to planning applications in your area.

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