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Wills & Legacies

If you want to continue the protection for our precious heritage of a beautiful Cornish countryside, please consider leaving a gift to CPRE in your Will.

Your legacy, no matter what the amount, will help us ensure that developments are sensitive to the countryside, and that housing sprawl is kept in check. With your help, there will be a green, tranquil and beautiful Cornwall for tomorrow’s children to enjoy.

The countryside is an exceptional creation – immensely old, full of surprises and nearly always pleasing to look at. For me, the countryside represents so much of what makes life worth living but how much of it will be left for future generations to enjoy?”
Bill Bryson

As you know, our countryside is increasingly under threat and CPRE is the only organisation that works to protect the whole countryside – from the simplest green field to our most spectacular landmarks, both locally and nationally.

While our work has accomplished great things, as a nation we are still losing countryside hand over fist. What’s more, the population of England is forecast to rise from 52 million in 2005 to 70 million by 2050. When you combine this rising population with a weaker planning system, growing economic pressures and developers keen to maximise profits at any cost, it is easy to see why CPRE – and your legacy – will be needed long into the future.

Our vision for the countryside is clear. We don’t want or expect it to be frozen in time. But we do want tomorrow’s children to experience the joy and inspiration that Cornwall’s world-renowned countryside – a great national asset – can bring. We want them to inherit a countryside that is beautiful, tranquil, thriving and enjoyed by all.

For this to happen we need to stay vigilant. The only way we can do that is with your long-term help. That is why I must ask if you will please take the important step of considering a gift to CPRE in your Will?

Of course, we understand that family and friends come first. It is easy to set up a Will that ensures your loved ones are taken care of before you leave a gift to us. I would also like to stress that you don’t need to be wealthy to leave a gift in your Will. Gifts of any size make a difference and can provide the essential help we need for our work. Nor does it have to be expensive to set up your legacy. You can simply add it to an existing Will or do it while you are creating a new Will to care for the needs of your family and friends.

To ensure that is the case we are working in partnership with a well-established firm of Cornish solicitors – Waller & Hart Solicitors of Camborne  ( Hazelberry, 29 Basset Road TR14 8SH) Please give them a call on 01209 7014064 and ask for Evelyn Allen. They will, as part of their commitment to our Cornish Countryside, undertake to write your will if it is not complex (or amend an existing will) and CPRE Cornwall are named as a benefactor. There will be no charge for this service.

All that is left to say is a huge and heartfelt thank you again for all you do for CPRE. I am sure that, one day, others will look back with profound gratitude – just as we are grateful to those who left us the countryside we treasure so much today.

Yours sincerely,


H.W.Tinworth, Chair CPRE Cornwall