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Seenen Cove Harbour © Ted Venn

Sennen Cove Harbour © Ted Venn

To all Members and those who love Cornwall

Welcome to our website and the team of people who are leading CPRE Cornwall’s activities to protect our rural way of life, our environment and heritage.

Living in Cornwall is about feeling and emotions.

CPRE Cornwall Member’s, approach starts with our belief this place is special.  We feel the need to protect and care for it, against the threats to overdevelop and exploit our beautiful County.

Passion drives our approach but we seek to set out our views in a hard evidenced based approach and we intend to express them by campaigning hard in order to protect our countryside from inappropriate development.

Our primary emphasis is on the POSITIVE  – A positive promotion and improvement of Cornwall which goes hand in hand with its PROTECTION.

It is clear that our county is under threat and therefore requires a commensurate response.

As nationally, and in Cornwall, the current Government’s National Policy Planning Framework is a Developer’s charter and the current reductions in public resources devoted to defending our landscape are only part way through being grossly reduced.

We detect, we feel, amongst ordinary people across the whole of Cornwall a deep concern, a worry, a feeling of dread of what the future may bring. It is widely held and strong.  The dread is that we are building over our beautiful countryside unnecessarily and ruining the open spaces and destroying the tranquillity of our county.

Our analysis of the current position in Cornwall is that there are numerous action and protest groups fighting very heroically their local battles -winning some and losing some and there are Cornwall-wide groups similarly generating activity.

However all of this activity and organisation seems disjointed, disparate, sporadic and un coordinated. Therefore whatever energy there is in Cornwall which wishes to protect the landscape it is punching well below its weight. Indeed there is some indication that the this disjointed culture is leading in some groups to despair that change is not possible and will not happen.

Somehow all this energy has to join up and there has, as a matter of urgency, to be one powerful VOICE.

Somehow there needs to be a quick link up with all groups, an exchange of views, provision of  mutual support, provision of  practical and expert advice where necessary and also provision of orchestration and co ordination.

CPRE Cornwall stands ready to play its part in fulfilling that approach and the leadership role in vocalising, in an open, transparent, democratic manner the Voice for Cornwall.

So, together, what we do on the Draft Local Plan, Influencing key opinion formers, working with like minded groups, linking up with Parish Councils/Councillors, local campaigning,  CPRE membership drives, CPRE Fundraising has to be one thought through holistic strategy. Each component part supporting, re enforcing , strengthening the others, all of which, together, materialise as an enormous deafening awakening.

There is a stirring, an awakening to the dangers taking place. Feel the time and the moment and join, assist and be part of how we act together so Your Voice is part of the Voice of Cornwall being heard and heeded.


Richard Stubbs, Chairman CPRE Cornwall