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Chairman’s Letter

Seenen Cove Harbour © Ted Venn

Sennen Cove Harbour © Ted Venn


Dear Members and Supporters of CPRE Cornwall                                    25 Nov 2018

Welcome to our website which is currently undergoing some much needed revisions although in the meantime I hope you will find it useful and informative.

We effectively had a new team starting from the AGM in January 2018  and our first task was to draw up a statement of our ‘Purpose’ as a branch. CPRE is more than a name, it is a description.  For the Cornish branch therefore, the brief had to revolve around ways to protect the rural life of Cornwall. Our purpose will evolve as new circumstances arise but we have reached an important stage now. Details appear on the back cover of our 2018 Summer Magazine. (see NEWS section on this website)

We now have challenges as never before, dominated by the top down requirement of central Government to build 52,500 new houses in the County by 2030.

We have a developer’s charter, driven by the National Policy Planning Framework (NPPF) which is being indiscriminately carried out at the expense of our farmland and one of Cornwall’s biggest natural resources – the production of food. The environment and our wildlife are also paying a heavy price.

New independent research commissioned by our sister branch in Devon has established that the need for housing has been grossly over stated and is based on out of date over-predictions of population growth.  This is likely to be even more so in Cornwall where thousands of new houses are being built, the vast majority of which are completely unaffordable to the local population.

For over sixty years CPRE Cornwall has been resisting the abuse and industrialisation of this County but now we have to up our game. We can only do that with your help, financially or as a volunteer. We have a worthy purpose but need your involvement to help us stand up for the countryside. Please contact us with your ideas and suggestions.

With best wishes


Richard Stubbs, Chairman