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National Opposition to Wind Farms (NOW)

Parliament has launched a national opposition to wind farms NOW.



19th April, 2012 held in The House of Commons

Lord Carlile’s Opening Remarks

Lord Carlile, in welcoming those attending the Parliamentary launch of NOW warned that the British landscape was under continued threat of industrialization. The launch of NOW he felt would provide opportunities to discuss views and concerns on a national level. The ability to nationally co-ordinate campaigns and opposition to Wind Farm development was, he believed, a most positive move forward.

He extended his thanks to Chris Easton-Harris for his enormous hard work and valuable assistance

Summary: The NOW Launch and forward Campaign

Chris Eaton Harris said that NOW would prove to be a worthwhile national campaign and congratulated all concerned for bringing it all together. He outlined procedure for local groups, highlighting self-education – the process of building a campaign and obtaining knowledge.

He expressed concerns however, that win or lose eventually groups disperse and knowledge that could be utilized by others is lost.

NOW would become an excellent source of information and, hopefully, through well informed people, able to share and be part of the education process. He stated that there is soon to be a document issued to local Councils, a PI review – so quite a lot would be going on.

Neville Thomas QC explained that, although groups up and down the country have their own impact, nothing will really be achieved unless there is a change in policy. Once policy is adopted, to procure a change is impossible without a change in legislation.

What is required in his view would be cross party support to apply the necessary pressure to Government to change course. He added that: “Only then would we see an end to it all but without change to policy it will continue”.

Views were expressed with regard to noise levels, effects to health and wellbeing – Baroness Finlay will prepare a report.

Lord Reay announced that the minimum distance would be re-heard again in the next session and asked what campaigners are doing around the country.

Alison Davies responded saying that campaigns were in full swing up and down the country and she would be uploading reports to the CUP facebook page and forwarding to others as and when she received them she added that an ‘Information Wiki site’ was being developed where groups would be able to obtain validated articles that have been peer reviewed.

Lord Carlile said there are many people in this room that will be able to assist and give expert advice.

In response to the view that the younger generation lack interest with regard the devastation of the British countryside, Lord Carlile suggested approaching Oxford and Cambridge Unions with the view to producing speakers to debate the issues.

It was suggested that English Heritage and other Historical Environment bodies be lobbied as much as possible to speak out publicly against the blight of wind farms on our landscape.

In response to how NOW will be taken forward and in summing up, Lord Carlile asked Alison Davies to form a Secretariat. He would await feedback from those delegated to prepare reports.

He announced that The Cheshire Conference is being held on the 24th and 25th June where updates would be given.

Alison will be forwarding press releases to Groups to promote NOW through local press nationally.

He thanked all for their attendance and Alison Davies and Sarah Corser for their hard work in bringing everything together.

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